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The Case For and Art of Outsourcing

This is the hot, but not so new, trend in the business world today and there are some great advantages for small to mid-sized businesses. As a small business owner in a growing company there are typically an overwhelming number of opportunities, concerns, issues, tasks, etc. tugging at you every day. Typically resources are constrained such that what is available is first focused on your core operation. Managing everything well and in timely manner to produce successful results is a daunting task. And, in some cases, you don’t have the background, technical expertise or time to acquire it, in order to make certain critical decisions. Certain administrative areas can be short-changed or you simply don’t yet need full-time resources in these areas, so the work is done by someone not ideally qualified, but often results in unwanted distractions for you. This is when outsourcing makes great sense!

Don’t buy into the concept of outsourcing? Maybe you tried it and were sorely disappointed in the results? We can relate, but our experience in this area over the years has taught us success lies in management of a well-designed outsourcing engagement.

This is where our business management strategies services can help you for we have mastered the art of outsourcing. 

We evaluate your current business operations and the bench-strength of your human capital to identify gaps in technical areas we believe can easily be filled and improved greatly through outsourcing. We believe there are four key areas where outsourcing for small to mid-sized business can greatly increase their chances for success. These are:

  • Finance, Accounting and Tax – if you haven’t noticed, the rest of our website is dedicated to this.  Take a look!
  • Human Resources – let us handle all of your HR needs, so you can focus on your business. Take a look!
  • Information Technology – including strategic technology planning & implementation, network & server management, desktop/printer maintenance & support (help desk function), IT procurement, wireless access/bandwidth support, etc.   
  • Facilities Management – leasing services or owner occupied building services including needs analysis, building cleaning & maintenance, engineering management, contract & vendor management, leasing services, tenant management & retention, leasing compliance & administration, market research, etc.

Why these four areas, you ask? Each of these areas are complex and require expertise to avoid costly pitfalls. People dedicate their entire careers to gaining the expertise and experience necessary to excel in these areas. Why not leverage their investment? If it were only that easy, right? Often, you can get conflicting advice from these so-called experts.

Our team is dedicated to researching & evaluating great providers in these areas, whose values square with our own, and then developing well-designed outsouring engagement contracts tailored to meet your specific needs. But, this is only the starting point. What ensures success is careful ongoing management and communication. Don’t have time for that, you say?  We do. Our business management strategies services, give you the opportunitiy to extend your executive team. We act as part of your executive team, working closely with you to understand and help you further develop your business strategy, then as an extension of your management team, we design, develop, and manage outsourced services for you on an ongoing basis at a fraction of the cost to employ these resources full-time and without distracting you from growing your business.

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